Big Sun, Big South

Jonathan Crothers


The south region is also called the Dixie, or the American South, or simply The South. The states in this region are Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and last but not least, Texas.


~ this land is close to the Atlantic Ocean

~the southern must part of this region has the Gulf of Mexico

~Has the Appalachian mountains

~Climate is usually a bit on the warmer side


~Civil War was taken place mostly in this region

~Was part of the original thirteen colonies

~Mostly owned by the Spanish in the Beginning of America


~some popular sports team are the titans, buccaneers, predators, and the cowboys

~many major fishing companies are on the coast

~many fish and oil imports/exports

~fishing and mining are 2 major industries


~colored people used to have less rights than white people

~big diversity rate

~civil rights