Jaden Chidester

Application of Theme

Take when Kevin and Max meet max is not the smartest of the group. Kevin helped him show how smart and talented he was to every one.Max know people did not like him because of his stupid father.Kevin made Max look stuff up in the dictionary because Max did not know what the words that Kevin would use meant.Kevin also found out that max had a certain way that he had to learn. Kevin did not like the way that people treated max and Kevin. So he thought that it would be good to help max baseless. max was not the essayist person to talk to about things he can get very emotional.max would care Kevin on his shoulders so that Kevin could get around faster and easier.


The author is telling us that when you have good friends your life will change for the best.when you don't realy have the best of friends might do some thing that a good friend would stop you from doing that one bad thing.your not so good friends might influence you to do bad things. as your good friends might say don't do that you cold get in trouble.if you got a friend that is all ways there for you they will stop you from doing stiuped things.

Freak the Mighty By:Rodman Philbrick

kevin and max are the best kind of friends they never leave each others side. they never give each other a hard time they never let each other think bad things about each other and them selfs.they never let each other do stuipd things with out one another.they all ways have a reason to be mad at people.they never let one another do any thing alone.