By: Clare Mathews

Veronica went on a trip to Nicaragua, a very poor country in Central America. Most of the people were older than 28. She got onto the plane and sat next to a stranger that was going to the same place as she was. She was nervous but now that she started talking to someone she started feeling better. During the trip she noticed that everyone was in the same situation she was in. They did many activities to get to know everyone. They also did a lot of activities with the kids from Nicaragua. By the end of the trip Veronica did not want to leave. She had made so many friends and memories. By volunteering you can have life changing experiences, there are many benefits of volunteering, your organization can grow as a whole, and there are many places to volunteer.

Life- Changing Experiences

By volunteering you can have an amazing experience. You could volunteer at a homeless shelter. You could be the youngest volunteer going on a trip but you could get the most out of it. If you are thinking that I am going to have a terrible time I do not know anyone you are not going to get anything out of it.If you take a trip to a poor country you realize how much stuff you have that they don’t. They live in run down shacks and you live in a house with electricity and running water. If you volunteer you can have many life- changing experience. You realize how grateful you should be for the stuff you receive even if you do not like it.

Benefits of Volunteering

There are so many benefits of volunteering. You can build social skills, make something better whether it be a building, or a child’s life and get personal satisfaction. First,it can help build your social skills. This makes you have more connections with friends and family. By putting time and effort into jobs it makes for a more nice place. Another benefit is you can make a big impact on people's lives. You could help build a school and that could give kids education to go further in there lives. It also helps build self- satisfaction. Self- Satisfaction is being satisfied with your achievements. Lastly, you can grow as a person. You realize that the world is not all about you. You can make someone's life better by having a conversation for a minute. Maybe they do not have anyone that listens to them. You could help make a place better for people that live in a poor house.

Growing as An Organization

To grow as an organization you have to tell people about your organization by using communication outlets like flyers and social media. Using social media can expand your organization and help it become more well known. You can also have volunteers bring friends to help out. Then if the friends like it they will most likely tell other friends about your organization. Being supportive and communicating with volunteers will help your organization grow. Also being honest and forming a good relationship with volunteers will make them want to keep volunteering. They will feel like you want them to stay. If you mistreat them they will leave and tell other people to leave and that will hurt your organization. Keeping volunteers with your organization can make your organization grow more and become more successful because you develop more of a relationship.

Places to Volunteer

Volunteer work comes in all shapes and sizes. Large organizations such as Habitat for Humanity provide an important service in communities around the world. Habitat For Humanity builds decent, affordable homes for low-income families; as more people volunteer, more homes can be built. Local organizations play a big role by building safe play areas or raising funds to provide music lessons for low-income children. Volunteers can help make a parks, bike paths, and lakes look cleaner and nicer. Volunteers can also help people through a crisis in their lives, and people always need someone that will listen to them. You can also make someone's life better. You could even change cats and dogs lives. You can volunteer at a shelter and help get cats and dogs get adopted. You do not have to be smart. Everyone can volunteer no matter your age or ability to complete activities.

If you are looking for a great way to make a difference, volunteering is the job for you. With many opportunities to make a difference, help out around your community, and you want to experience life- changing moments, volunteering is right for you. Many organizations want to become more successful so they are looking for volunteers. Habitat For Humanity is one organization you could get involved. Plan one day a week and go volunteer.