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A Weekly Newsletter from Corner Middle School

Volume 2, Number 17: October 4, 2020

It's Time! Our Kids Are Coming to School!!!

We are so glad to have our kids coming in tomorrow morning, October 5, 2020! March 13th seems forever ago! While it is not exactly how we want it to be, the excitement (mixed with a bit of nervousness and cautious optimism) is off-the-charts!

Buses will run at their regular times and pick up students whose last names start with the letters A-L for Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, all students are in the remote learning setting. Students whose last names begin with M-Z will come in at the regular times on Thursday and Friday.

Doors open at 7:25 AM. Classes begin at 7:55 AM. Breakfast is grab and go and can be picked up in the Burtram Gym and/or "The Barn." School ends at 3:05 PM. Car line is still in the back at the Burtram Gym and bus line is in the front of the school

We hope all of our students coming back have a great first day of face-to-face learning with our teachers in our small group setting!

Jefcoed Progress Reports Going Green

Last week, Jefferson County Schools began the process of "going green" as the district set up parent's ability to access progress reports, report cards, and other student information through the Chalkable Parent Portal.

CMS families received an email from our school with your username and password to access the data. If you had set it up for a sibling at Corner High School, you may have experienced some issues accessing the portal. You only had to set it up once (ahhh, the things we learn about the things we don't know when we implement new technology).

If you had trouble accessing the information, please let us know by calling the school at 205-379-3230. We will be glad to try to help you resolve your technical issues. Questions regarding student academic grades will be directed to the teachers. You may leave a message with the office or email the teacher directly.

Thoughts from the Principal . . .

By mid-week last week, I had received feedback from families and staff that while we all need updates on the information coming out of the school regarding the re-opening of school, our community may be suffering from information overload and could use a break from the updates.

As a result, I sent no updates out for the past three days. In addition, I am going to try to cut it back and make it a bit simpler for all. Something many don't know about me is that while I was an English teacher, I have a degree in journalism and love to write. I was taught (way back when there were real newspapers) to paint a picture with words. Well, I am afraid my pictures have been murals when they really need to be smaller wallet size portraits.

So, in the interest of all, I will try to be "briefer," include more video, lists, and simply get to the point! Thanks so much for all of the great feedback and caring about the goings-on at Corner Middle School!

Reminders for Your Return to School . . .

CMS Families, help your students in their return to school by remembering the following things:
  • Charge your Chromebook EVERY NIGHT before going to bed so it is ready for the following day.
  • Get a good night's rest. We are back on a more regular schedule, and the bus comes early.
  • We have no lockers this year. Students can carry their backpacks to and from classes.
  • Bring only what is needed. Chromebook (charged), notebook/binder, pens and pencils. LEAVE YOUR TEXTBOOKS AT HOME AS RESOURCES.
  • Our cell phone policy still applies. Students should turn them off upon arrival and should not have them out of their backpacks for any reason.
  • Dress code still applies. A lot of folks ask what it is quite often. The policy can be found in the Jefcoed Student and Parent Handbook at
  • Students can bring water bottles to drink throughout the day for hydration purposes.
  • Students must wear a mask to school and in transition. There will be mask breaks throughout the day.
  • Attendance WILL BE TAKEN in face-to-face and remote settings. Your participation is IMPORTANT!
  • We will not dress out for PE.
  • Breakfast and lunch is free for all students until the end of December or until USDA funding ends.
  • Finally, your students will be taught by some of the greatest teachers I have ever known! Silly rumor that they are going to sit on a computer all day while being baby sat by teachers. THAT IS NOT HOW WE ROLL.


Exciting Updates for CMS Students and Families

CMS Families and Students, as we prepare to open school tomorrow, a couple of exciting updates. FIrst, we are getting new furniture in our Library Media Center and Robotics Classroom! I know that Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Wiley have been waiting several month on the arrival of this furniture, but it is finally coming in to the school! This will give us the opportunity to set up a Career Learning Lab for Ms. Whitaker, our counselor with the older tables and chairs coming out of the library. What a great new addition for our school!

And for those families who did not request a school-issued device during the first survey, I know there has been a concern about what your student would do upon return. Many of your kids have used your desktops, tablets, work computers, etc. On Friday, we received a shipment of 100 new Chromebooks that will help us solve that problem! We will spend the week of October 5th determining the needs, and distribute them the week of October 12th. Thank you Dr. Walter Gonsoulin and the Jefferson County Board of Education for fulfilling your promise to put technology into the hands of our students and teachers!

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CMS Student Council Kicks off Campaign Season

The Corner Middle School Campaign Week will begin October 5th. Any student that wishes to run for student council should sign up using the Google Form and submit a 1-2 minute video outlining why he or she would be a good representative for the grade level. Students will watch the videos during advisory time and voting will take place during Advisory on Oct. 14th. Interested students should email Mrs. Boyd at
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Calendar for the Week of October 5th - October 9th

The calendar of the week is as follows:

Monday, October 5, 2020

  • Students (A-L) Return to CMS
  • Robotics Practice (Group A) 3:00
  • CMS Football at Hayden 5:00

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

  • Robotics Practice (Group B) 3:00

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

  • Principals Meeting with Dr. Gonsoulin at COB 10:30

Friday, October, 9, 2020

  • CHS Football at Moody 7:00

Updated Message from Jefcoed Superintendent, Dr. Walter Gonsoulin

Dr. G Update 10-2-20

Schedule Reminder for Families

See the daily schedules below:
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