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Mad Song By: William Blake

I chose the poem Mad Song By: William Blake because it really stood out to me before the other peoms. One certain quote that really grabbed my attention was "The wild winds weep, and the night is a-cold; come hither, sleep, and my griefs infold." This is my favorite quote and it really speaks to me because it is a very dreary statement that can potentially have many different emotions. Different emotions in a poem is a key factor to me because it helps the reader and speaker to understand where the author is coming from. As the wind is howling and the night is very cold, going to bed could unfold many of your deep thoughts. This poem goes in depth of what I would say weakness and lonliness. YOU should be the one to come across this very interesting poem that will leave you thinking.


Come along this Thursday and Friday to hear some of the best poems in the nation read and performed by some of your fellow students! There will be Lava lamps and some nice snacks to acompany our experience. Be there or Be square!