Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

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The Real Story behind Lincolns Assassination

Booth single handedly planned and initiated Lincolns assassination.

*Photograph of John Wilkes Booth on the right*

Why do we think this?

John Wilkes Booth died 1865, as well as the war. Booth still thought that the civil war was going on, so he thought if he assassinated the president, then the South would rise. He believed it was not over because Confederate Joseph E. Johnston's army was still fighting with the Union Army at the time. Booth wanted to be a hero for the South, so he thought this would happen if he helped assassinate president Lincoln. Not only that, but Booth attended Milton Boarding School for boys. Here he was taught military things so he was greatly trained in these things when he planned to assassinate the president. So, he was definitely strong and experienced enough to plan and initiate this assassination all on his own!



Fight back??!?

Some people think Lincolns assassination was the result of a grand, mastermind plot. But, they never knew that Booth had a group of friends that were part of the confederacy and they were definitely not trained! So, how would people neither trained nor experienced enough be able to take part in an assassination? Exactly! They wouldn't be able to.

Others think that Lincolns assassination unwittingly occurred because circumstances easily allowed it to happen. Now, how in the world could this be true when Booth had a speech ready, a horse waiting for him, and he had paid off the guards? Booth killed Lincoln with a well thought through plan, not coincidently! So, you still want to fight back?