Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

March 14th-March 18th

Notes From Mrs.Myers

Hello everyone!

This is an exciting week as we begin our final quarter of 4th grade! We have worked hard this year, but there are still many goals to be accomplished! This morning for morning work, they had to begin by writing a goal that they have for the end of the school year on a class goal chart that we made. We will hang this in our room as a reminder of the fact that though we are close to the end, there is still time to accomplish more great things! Ask your child tonight around dinner or tomorrow morning before they head to school what goal they have chosen, and encourage them throughout the quarter! :)

This week, on Friday, I will be sending home goals for this quarter based on third quarter grades and observations. This will be brief as I am also currently working on my Masters Degree examination that is due on the 25th, so most of my weekend will be dedicated there, while I continue to dedicate my weeks to the success and growth of your kiddos. :)

Finally, any last retakes will be completed TOMORROW! By Wednesday morning, all grades will be final. Your grades that you see will already be changed over to reflect the 4th quarter in the parent portal! :)

Finally, homework will be coming home that will begin to review the year's content! This is to help freshen our minds for Milestones that happen to be next month (eeek!). PLEASE make sure that there is reviewing going on at home! 30 minutes every night will make a WORLD of difference!

If you have any questions, you know where to find me! :)

Jordan Myers

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This Week:

Things We Are Covering:

Reading: Summarizing and Close Reading

Writing: Opinion Writing

Grammar: Possessive Nouns

Math: Finishing Converting Units

Word Work: -ify

Read Aloud: I Am Harriet Tubman

Test and Daily Grades

Monday: Math Daily Grade

Wednesday: Math Daily Grade

Thursday: Science Vocabulary Daily Grade (this is a FAST unit!)

Friday: Math Test