The App Generation

By Kerri Nielsen

Chapters 4 to 6

Personal Identity in the App Age

In today's world the introduction to new media technologies allows students to have new opportunities for self-expression. Apps can broaden young people’s awareness of and access to new experiences and identities. Is this good or bad?

Apps use can create an impoverished sense of self.

According to the authors, students are presenting themselves in a manner that conveys a certain image of themselves.

Are Apps helping students to build positive relationships?

Apps are shortcuts that make interacting with others quicker and easier and less risky. When used correctly they can enable meaningful relations and strengthen and deepen personal bonds.
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If used incorrectly apps can diminish a student's risk taking and empathy skills. causing some to feel isolated from others.
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Educators Must Teach Effective Use of Apps To Students

When taught and learned correctly apps can provide the opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, to connect and learn about people who are important to them, and to exercise one’s imagination through self-expression.
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