Gordon Korman

Created by: Katie Gill

Gordon Korman

Author of Ungifted.

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Donovan Curtis has been a troublesome guy since he was really little. You wouldn't think of calling him smart, maybe clever in a sneaky way, but not smart. The next time he gets in trouble it's really bad. We are talking about suspension!! The superintendent, Mr. Schultz, has him write down his name and what school he goes to. Donovan's luck changes when his name gets mixed up with the people who are going to get afford to go to a gifted school.

Donovan Curtis

Donovan is a sneaky, troublesome, and evilish type of kid; although, he is all of those he is still caring and has a big heart.

Page 34:

"A tall sandy-haired boy appeared at the door."

Page 35:

"He was kind of cute in a careless, wind blown way. Great eyes- black fringed, pale blue."

Page 36:

"Donovan Curtis is Normal."


Just keep swimming no matter how hard the current.

I think it fits with this book because no matter what or how many obstacles get in Donovan's way he never gives up. He just keeps looking forward and doesn't give up.

Man vs. Man

Donovan Curtis has always been looked down on and has always gotten in trouble. So he can be very self conscious. When he gets a new chance to go to a new school and change his identity he does. He finally gets a chance to start over.

In Donovan's house.

Donovan and his sister Katie are fighting like a typical brother and sister. The door bell rings and everyone gets quite. Katie answers the door.... It's her boyfriend, Chad's, mother. She tells Katie how she doesn't want to take care of his dog because it's dying. Truth is she just misses Chad since he left to serve in the army. The dog doesn't let anyone but Donovan touch her and feed her. Donovan's stress is growing even more now, he has to take care of a dog and wait for Mr. Schultz to come and tell his parents what he did. He starts making fun of Katie saying "The only reason Chad left was because he didn't want to take care of her and the baby once it's born." She starts crying. Then, their dad walks in and yells at Donovan. Donovan notices that his dad has a envelope with his name on it from the school. He starts to freak out in his head. His dad opens it and is shocked to see that Donovan has been accepted to go to a Gifted School Program. Donovan is shocked too.

Chloe Garfinkle

Chloe is a genius. She is intelligent , shy, curious, enthusiastic, hard working, and caring. Her one wish is to be "normal." When she meets Donovan she likes him because he is cute but also because he is "normal."