The effects of alcohol

By Max Meredith

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Damage from repeated and excessive alcohol abuse leads to alcoholic liver cirrhosis. When the liver tissue starts to scar, the liver doesn’t work as well as it did before. As a result, the body can’t produce enough proteins or filter toxins out of the blood as it should. Cirrhosis of the liver can occur due to a variety of causes. However, alcoholic liver cirrhosis is directly related to alcohol intake.

Lose of inhabition

When a person drinks a large amount of alcohol, there brain releases dopamine, the chemical that helps people feel good. The brain uses this natural chemical to reinforce behaviours that promote well-being, like exercise, healthy relational connections, hard work and even eating. However, heavy drinking releases a high amount of dopamine, which blocks negative emotions, fear, stress, anxiety and insecurity.But dopamine blocks more than the unhealthy expressions of anxiety it blocks all expressions of it.

Brain effects

Alcohol interferes with the body connection with nerve endings and communication pathways. This can change a persons mood which can cause to none normal behaviour. It also blurs your vision and doesn't let you co ordinate things properly.

Weaken of immune system

Drinking alcohol can damage your immune system which can make it more likely to become ill or get an infection. People who drink a lot of alcohol are more likely to get disease like pneumonia and tuberculosis. It stops you releasing white blood cells as fast means you cant counter disease.

Alcohol on sports performance

Alcohol leads to dehydration and while doing sport you need to stay hydrated. When you exercise you sweat and drinking alcohol and shortly after doing sport can make it hard as you cant sweat as much because your dehydrated and then your body temperature rises and your seat cant cool you down. Staying hydrated helps control body temperature. impact of being dehydrated is that your body gets to hot and then you cant perform as well because you are to hot, it would also mean you cant concentrate on anything because your brain needs water to function.

Alcohol interferes with your body making energy, alcohol when its being broken down can't produce glucose, which means you have low blood sugar. Your body needs high levels of sugar to do exercise.

However, some athletes like to drink alcohol before sport because it makes them more aware according to some it claims the nerves and dulls pain sensations. Alcohol can effect muscle development also it diminishes protein synthesis, which means your muscles cant repair.