G & T Quads # 3 | Standings Posted

A High Quality, More Focused Experience for Top NYC Players.

G & T Quads Week # 3 | Standings Posted for Week # 2

Dear Chess Players,

The 2nd Week of our New G & T Chess Quad League was a great success (39 Players)!

We hope many of you can join us as the season progresses. Remember you are welcome to join us week by week or the entire season.

Please check in between 9.30 - 9:45. 1st round will start at 10 AM.

$5,000 will be distributed to the top ten finishers at Season's End.

USCF Rated!

Point system per game:

  • Win: 6 Points
  • Draw: 3 Points
  • Loss: 1 Point

Check out the Standings After Week # 2

We hope you can join us and we look forward to providing a high quality, more focused, Chess experience to top NYC Players.

Please see full tournament information below.

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Chess NYC G & T Elite Chess Competition

"A special brand of scholastic Chess competition"

Hosted by PS 111, 440 West 53rd St | Saturday September 20th

Min 1000 - Max 2100 (Based on last months published USCF ratings) If a players either falls below 1000 or exceeds 2100 during the coarse of the season they are still eligible to participate.

*No Byes Permitted

*Walk-ins Permitted - Must register onsite between 9:30 - 9:45, Check-in closes at 9:45, 1st round begins 10 AM sharp.

Pairings will be based on previous month's published ratings

Please Bring your Own Clocks

  • 3 Rounds QUADS, G70, D5
  • Check in at 9.30 - 9:45 AM
  • 1st round starts at 10 AM Sharp
  • 2nd and 3rd Rounds will begin at the completion of your quads previous round
  • Once your quad is completed you are free to leave
  • Special guest analysis on site

*Please note, you may register and play on a per week basis or enroll for the entire season (September - January 31st)

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Russ, Michael & The Chess NYC Team!