The RHE Rattler

August 23, 2020

A Message from Mrs. Frankhouser

At the end of each of my boy's scout trips, they do an activity called Roses and Thorns. That's where you identify the good and the not so good of the campout. We definitely have some roses and some thorns from the first three days of school.

The roses are the parts that remind you of your "why" which is connecting with kids, getting great feedback and thank you's from parents, teachers being excited to see kids again, seeing and hearing the excitement for the new year in children's voices, and the realization that we really CAN do this. The thorns are present too. Technology issues, struggles in specials with many students on at once, the occasional miscommunication, a child's disappointment from not being called on when they really have something they would love to share, and change.

We'll get better at admiring and feeding the roses and avoiding the thorns. What we are doing has never been done before. We are unique at Rough Hollow Elementary because not only have none of us done this before in the history of our careers, we have never come together as a new staff before. I am doing my very best to answer every question that comes in. We have unique circumstances as the RHE community, and we are grateful for you. Your support, your suggestions, your trust, your patience, and your kindness are the foundation of the successful garden that we are planting. We're all in this together!

In this newsletter is information about what lies ahead.

I took the picture of this rose last summer in London. It seemed the perfect picture for this newsletter.

Big picture

Shifting - All Remote to a Combination of Remote & In Person

In person learning starts on September 8th.

Parents have until Tuesday, August 25, to complete your commitment forms to select remote or in person learning for your child. This must be accessed through Skyward from a computer and NOT the app on your phone. I encourage everyone to make this selection based on what is best for your family and not based on who has what teacher, who is in who's class, or other factors that are likely to change.

We will reorganize classes once we have the information from you. We will review all lists to make sure special services are implemented. We will review all of the parent input we have received. We will review to make sure each child is placed in a classroom taught by the teacher that is right for that child. We will balance classes.

Everyone will be notified of their new teacher placement on September 4th. Children will start in their new classes, some remote, some in person on September 8th.

Preparing for the Shift September 8th

September 8th will be our second "first day of school". There is MUCH to do to prepare.

In order for us to be prepared for the shift, the afternoons of August 28th & September 4th will be asynchronous for our Rattlers. Teachers will be synchronous with students in the morning on each of these days, and then while students continue the learning in the asynchronous format, teachers will be working to prepare for the major shift that will happen on September 8th. We will be working on everything from detailed review of new class lists for both remote and in person classes, to transfer of student information to new teachers, to allergy, epipen and seizure and other required trainings, review of Covid protocols, and school-wide protocols, arrival and dismissal procedures, referral to the nurse procedures, just to name a few things.

This is a dynamic situation. We get new information and new requirements daily. Our careful review of new information and clear communication of that information to staff and to parents and students is critical for a smooth and safe return to school. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Access the learning through your child's LTISD account

Please use LT1 Classlink to enter and access all google links. Logging in through LT1 uses your child's LTISD account. If you try to access meetings or documents outside of this (like from your personal or work account for example), your access is restricted. Allowing entrance from outside LTISD accounts presents the possibility of unauthorized people accessing the classroom and is a security issue. Attempting to access from outside accounts also interrupts the instruction and the teacher has to deny your entry.

In short, PLEASE access all google links through LT1Classlink.

Requesting Technology

If you have requested technology, our LTISD technology department has been notified. Please expect communication from technology regarding your request.

Need Tech Support? Here is where to go.

Skyward Questions


Technology issues - password resets, computer issues 512 533 6545

Technology webpage


Sign Gypsies Lakeway- Candice DeShazo

Beautiful yard sign welcoming us back!

Big Party Events ATX

Beautiful balloon display.

Sotheby’s- Susan Brown

Sponsored delicious breakfast tacos for staff from Hill Country Food Mart.

Drees- Terry Burger

Snacks for staff.

Austin Tea Exchange

Lunch for staff from Austin Tea Exchange sponsored by Drees, Dorris Stout.