World Heritage Lake Erie Office

September 2015

Welcome to Our Students!!

We did it! The combined efforts of World Heritage and ASSE were able to place every single student for the 2015-16 school year! Great job each one of you. Thank you for the time you've put into recruiting and making these placements happen. This is truly a joint effort!

Orientation- Getting off on the Right Foot!

As I've mentioned before, orientations are SO important. If we don't do a good job communicating the expectations to the host family and student, connecting with them and guiding them, then how can we expect them to do a good job hosting or participating in the program?

Most of your host family orientations are complete. Thank you!

As you are doing your student orientations, please be sure that you are conducting that at a location that is NOT the host family home. Also, the orientation must take place within the first 2 weeks the student is here.

Don't forget to log these in the database and then send me the completed and signed postcard.

Verification Visits

Verification visits are secondary home visits to be completed by another area representative. The purpose of these visits is to have a secondary look at the host families’ home, if you are asked to complete a verification visit please remember you are evaluating the home- not the family. Please tell your families that another representative will be contacting them to complete this required visit.

Important things to remember:

· Verification Visits occur between 35-45 days after student arrival

· Please complete the visit within the dates I have given you

· Fill out every section of the Verification Home Visit Form

· The pay is $150 per household (i.e. double placement & single placement pay the same)

· No photos need to be taken

· If a student changes host families, another verification visit will need to be completed

HELP WANTED- Area Rep Recruitment

We need more people like you to make sure ALL of our students get placed for the next school year! I’m looking to add more representatives to our team in all of our states- Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and West. New York.

Please let me know if you know anyone in your area that may be interested.

The Ideal Candidate:

· Should be at least 26 years old

· Loves working with teens (particularly foreign teens)

· Be willing and able to network in their community

· Have an interest in learning about other cultures

· Have a lot of enthusiasm!

If you are the only rep in your area, consider speaking to friends and acquaintances about becoming a "buddy rep".

If you each have a small number of students placed you can work together on doing host family and student orientations and student activities together! When it comes time to do verification visits you could do them for each other to earn a little extra cash.

Please refer any interested parties to me!