Renaissance Painter

Isaac Oliver


Born: 1565 in Rouen, France

In 1568, Oliver moved to London, where he started being an apprentice to Nickolas Hillard, and later started a family.

Oliver was trained by Nickolas Hillard, in London where he was taught 3D realism with a dramatic style.

Oliver was married three times, and his first two wives died while they were married. Oliver had 7 kids, and started painting on his own in 1580.

"It has recently been argued that he went to the other man as 'master to master,' a fully trained artist who simply wished to learn the techniques of limning;" (Isaac Oliver Biography In Context)

Isaac Oliver painted miniature paintings like "Richard Sackville" and "3rd Earl of Dorset"

1596- Patronized by Earl of Essex

1605- Patronized by Queen Anne

1609- Patronized by Prince Henry

1612- Patronized by Prince Charles

Died: October 2, 1617

The Work

The name of this piece is " Henry Prince of Wales" created in about 1610. This painting incorporated the new idea of three dimensions. "This idea of 3D made paintings look more realistic."(Isaac Oliver Biography In Context) I found this painting interesting because this painting was one of the first miniatures done during this time. Oliver included the new idea of miniatures and 3D realism all in one. Capitalism was closely linked to Oliver, because he was patronized so many times, and created so many paintings that he sold. Isaac Oliver also demonstrated humanism because he liked to paint families, and he was known for his paintings of kids which usually looked youthful, and not just scaled down adults.