We Welcome With Open Arms!

Songs of the 1800s

Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Songs of the 1800s

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Come to Minnesota!

Minnesota is a place up north that has kind people and welcome all, we appreciate all that join us in living in this wonderful, northern, territory.

Almost all ways of transportation are available. Foot, canoe, steamboat, almost all choices! We personally pursue you to come by foot, just to see all the gorgeous landscape and meet wonderful people! But remember, this great land gets quite cold, which removes all the bugs for harvesting and planting crops, remember to bring your coats!

Read on! We may make you thoroughly convinced!

We Have Options for Your Children to be Educated and Many Different Towns to Live In!

In a nice town in St. Paul we have teacher(s) waiting to educate your children and enlighten them to a better future, including many places to live and work in this fine town! We have many different places to live in Minnesota, all the way from Stillwater, St. Paul, New Elm, and New Prauge!

We Love it Here!

Everyone who lives here loves it! We have kind folk, nice homes, very great communities, etc.

Here's one of our proud citizens thoughts on our lovely home, Minnesota!: Come to the land up north! We all love & cherish our residents and visitors."

Everyone is welcome!

In this lovely territory we except everyone from all places; we have people from Sweden, we have people from Ireland, we have people from Canada, we have people from Finland, Norway, Denmark, everywhere!

Come and fish in our great lakes!

We have about/over 1000 lakes in Minnesota! Come fish and enjoy the clear waters and fresh sunlight!

Henry Hastings Sibley, our first Representative on our marvelous land,

"She extends a friendly hand to all her sisters and brothers, North and South, and gives them a reassurance that she joins their ranks; not to provoke sectional discord or to endanger fear, but to promote harmony and good will, and to lend her aid, on all occasions, in maintaining the integrity of the Union" - Henry Sibley

So Come To Minnesota!

Don't wait! You're missing out on this great land and thousands of amazing opportunities!