Continental National Bank of Miami

located at the corner of 103 and Bush


Phone number: 305-338-6889



Monday- Thursday 8am-8pm

Friday and Saturday: 9am-7pm

Sunday: CLOSED


Our bank has two different types of checking accounts. we have a student checking account and a business checking account. The student account is very good for kids in college, also a good first checking account. The business account is good for big corporations also for little start up businesses.


The business checking account has a lot of positives. We have had great success with this type of account so far not only with huge corporations but also with small start up businesses. The features that come with this account are listed below:

  • you can have multiple card for one account if needed, you can have up to 15 cards for one account
  • Also you can have access to your account at anytime with our online banking and our mobile banking app
  • you also get a good APR
  • The interest that you get back is high.


As a student it is hard to pay for everything your self. You can use our checking account to help you. Our new student account are amazing and so far it has had a really good outcome. The features on our student account are listed below:

  • You don't have a high interest rate to pay
  • You cab use our online or mobile banking app
  • You have a good APR
  • You also have a longer payback period