Consumer Bill of Rights

By: Sam Guetzlaff

Items To Buy


You have the right to have the choice. You can choose whatever you want. It will be you that gets what you want. Everybody gets to do this. For example, you can choose between fridges. It doesn't matter what others think go for it. You have the right of choice.

Be Heard

You get to be heard. This means that you can tell what you think. Give a review. You have the right to do that. For example, you can tell people that you love or hate it. Tell them why. You could tell people the pros or cons of what you think. Although it is there right to choose what they think. You hav the right to be heard


You have the right to complain. If you don't like something returning it won't let them know what you think of the product. You must complain. It will be better on your side. If you don't complain, the product will not be better. You have the right to complain. It is not the wrong thing to do.

Be Informed

If you want to have a good, safe, quality product, you must stay informed. You can do this be reading the news or seeing recall product signs in Walmart, Target, ect.. This is important becuase it will be what you use for buying a product. You have the right to stay informed!


You have the right to safety! This will let you choose the safest option for you to buy. You could use this when buying lightbulb a. You want to get the right wattage bulb or it is a fire hazard. This is a perfect example of safety. You have the right to safety!


You have the right to service. If you go to a store and there service is terrible, you don't go there again. If a store has great service, you choose to go there again. It is an opinion of if you like it or hate it. You have the right to service!


Everybody in he USA. has the right to an education! You can have a good education or a bad education. You choose to stay or leave that school. Everybody in the USA. is required to have one. It is your choice to get the education that you want! You have the right to education.


It is your right to use all of these when buying a fridge. You use all of these thing when buying and usually don't even realize it! Everything you do is your right! Use it too your advantage!