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Week of 2.14.16 & 2.21.16


Staff Edition

Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.

Attention 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Teachers - MStep Review

M-STEP Sample Item Sets The Office of Standards and Assessment (OSA) has created online Sample Item Sets for the Spring 2016. M-STEP for students in grades 3–8. Sample Item Sets are a select group of test items in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, science, and social studies that encompass different item types, such as multiple choice, constructed response, and various kinds of technology-enhanced items. The sets provide students practice in solving grade-level and content-specific test items aligned to Michigan’s content standards. Since the item sets are embedded in the online test engine used to deliver state assessments, students will develop familiarity with taking tests online while they practice using the test engine’s online tools and navigation buttons. The Sample Item Sets are contained within the Online Tools Training (OTT) component.

Use this link to get to the items you need:

Congratulations to Mary Ann - Winner of a MEEMIC grant for Chromebooks


Please make sure you are familiar with all student IEPs and 504s. If you have a question please work with the case manager (IEP) or Diane Luscombe (504).

When attending a meeting for a student IEP, 504, or staffing please have available the most recent assessment data and report card information. Work samples, as appropriate, would also be of assistance.

PBIS Matrix/February Lesson Focus

Please focus on "Cafeteria" during the month of February. Please REVIEW and PRACTICE all four areas in the OAKS Matrix related to Cafeteria behavior. Be prepared to discuss with your colleagues and share lessons.

Educator Effectiveness

Now is a great time to review Domain 4. You can upload items into the Portfolio Section for Domain 4. Refer to your green binder. Thank you.

The following link has all the Educator Effectiveness information in one great location. The most recent items you can review are located here:

Please make an appointment if you have any questions or need a tutorial on Teachscape usage.

Dates to Remember : Check Google Calendar

CHECK YOUR TIME FOR THE ASSEMBLY THIS WEDNESDAY. PLEASE BE SEATED BY THE START TIME FOR YOUR CLASS. Assemblies, hearing testing, etc. Please put your field trips/events on the calendar once approved.


Please check the Assessment Calendar and make sure you know what you need in for 2MP/3MP.

Thank you.

Northwood District Website Calendar

Do you know what is happening? Please check the building and Google calendar often. Let me know if you do not have access. Enter field trips and class events on the Google calendar.


Please sign up for time in CALENDLY (click bar above) if you would like someone to help work with students after Homework Club ends for the day. Feedback appreciated. Open to anyone.

Schedules Folder

You can access schedules in this folder.

School Information and Student Handbook

Please make sure you keep this as a reference. Check out the showcases:)

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