Point of View Review

I can determine an author's point of view.

Why do I need to know an author's point of view?

Understanding the author's point of view helps you comprehend what you are reading. There are questions that you can ask yourself to figure out why the author wrote the text. While reading a piece you should be asking yourself, "Why did the author write this, or what was the reason this piece was written?

Are you ready to show what you know?

Read the following passage.

Eric the Bully
Eric thought he had it pretty good. He was the tallest kid in class. He figured that meant he could tell other people what to do. As far as Eric was concerned, he was the boss. If people didn't listen, he would flex his muscles. Then people would give him what he wanted.

Everyone thought Eric was a mean bully. They decided to teach him a lesson. They decided to teach him a lesson. They all agreed not to give him what he wanted.

The next day, Eric was at lunch. When he looked in his bag, he saw that he had not brought a drink. No problem for the boss, right? He walked up to Kathy.

"Give me your drink," he said.

Kathy looked down. "No," she said sheepishly.

Eric was surprised. He flexed his muscles. Still Kathy would not give him her drink. In fact, nobody would.

Eric was angry. His bullying days had come to an end.

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