By:Grace Worsley

Welcome to Chicago!

Chicago is probably the most interesting, wonderful, beautiful place you can imagine! That’s why you should go. Chicago has amazing historical aspects, awesome landmarks and architecture, great shopping, and even winning sports teams! Now, I could go on and on about how spectacular Chicago is, and I will! I bet you want to hear all about it.

Historical Aspects

Chicago has so many historical features. But there’s one story that really stands out to me, Al Capone's story. Al Capone was an American gangster who moved to Chicago in the 20’s and became one of the best known gangsters ever. He shot a man in broad daylight on the steps of a church! The bullet hole is still there today, and you are even able to go view it. Capone died in 1947.
Have you ever heard of the Great Chicago Fire? Well, if you did you would know it burned from October 8th 1871, to October 10th 1871. Two whole days! One theory is that somebody left a lantern sitting by a cow pen, and the cow kicked the lantern over. But there are hundreds of theories of how it started. An estimated 300 people died, and there was two hundred million dollars in damage! There were 17,000 buildings destroyed. Even though they were in the heart of the city, the limestone buildings survived the fire and are still standing today.

Landmarks and Architecture

Chicago has such amazing landmarks! My personal favourite is the Navy Pier. The Pier stretches 3,300 feet in length. It is completely surrounded by water and has an awesome ferris wheel ride. If you like photography, take a ride! It goes 196 feet off of the ground and has unreal views of the city! Did you know that Chicago was voted to have the most beautiful skyline in the world! You should come during St. Patrick's day. At that time, they dye the river green! The architecture is amazing and a lot of the architects are women. The John Hancock Center is really cool, It is a black metal building with sections with what looks like great, big, X’s. Its simple, but gorgeous. You have probably heard of the Sears tower. The Sears tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world measuring 1,451 feet! Well still commonly referred to as the Sears tower, it is now called the Willis tower. Did you know that the sears tower is featured in the Divergent series? In the movie it’s called the ‘“Hub”. So, as you can see, Chicago has some amazing places to see!


You may have heard of the Magnificent Mile. Well, it’s amazing and completely over the top street. In a good way! For example; There is a 3 story American Girl shop! Chicago's Magnificent Mile is the 13-block stretch of North Michigan Avenue that runs from the banks of the Chicago River to the south, to Oak Street to the north. Commonly referred to as the Mag Mile, it has upscale products including women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. It also has cosmetics, and even a giant Hershey's factory for all the chocolate lover’s. If clothes don’t tickle your fancy, then how ‘bout food. Chicago has the most delicious deep-dish pizza in the whole entire world! It will leave you hungry for more! Statistics say that by traveling to Chicago improves your awareness and your street smarts! I have recently visited Chicago and when I saw the all the shopping, I was in awe. But not for long because I just had to start searching for the perfect souvenir! I think I got about ten souvenirs! It’s so magnificent!


If shopping doesn’t float your boat then let’s talk sports. From the Cubs to the Blackhawks to the Bulls there’s always a sport to go see! I especially love the Blackhawks. Did you know that in 2015 the won the Stanley Cup? In my opinion they are one of the best hockey teams. In total they’ve won six cup’s! That’s more than the average team! When you’re in a stadium and the cheering is so loud you can barely hear yourself speak, You know there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Bye Chicago!

I may have not convinced you yet, because words nor pictures can describe just how beautiful Chicago really is. You’re just going to have to come see for yourself! I just know that you’ll be consumed into the amazing culture and history. I don’t know who wouldn’t be. I hope to see you there soon. Because if I know anything, I know that Chicago is a site to see!