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Week of Sept. 6 - 11, 2021

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Important Information

First Day of School

The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

Time school starts

The beginning time of each school day is changing this year to 8:15 a.m. School doors will open at 7:55 a.m. so students can enter the building. K-6 students will go to the cafeteria where breakfast will be offered. Grades 7-12 students can choose a breakfast-to-go at their end of the building.

The first morning bell will ring at 8:10 a.m. This is indicator for students to head to their classrooms to be prepared for class. Students need to be in their classrooms or first hour by 8:15 a.m.

Arrival 7:50-8:10 a.m. & Dismissal 3:04 p.m.


• Arrival & Dismissal: Buses will continue to drop off students in front of the school on the

south end of the driveway. (same as last year)

Walkers/Bike Riders

• Arrival & Dismissal: Students walking to school or riding bikes will enter the building at the

front main entrance by the library.

Parent Drop-Off/Pick Up

• Arrival: Parents dropping off students by car will continue to do so at the back of the

building. Unless more restrictions become mandated again, this year parents may park

behind the building and enter with their students to the cafeteria. Kindergarten teachers will meet students in the cafeteria and elective teachers will be assisting first grade students to classrooms.

• Dismissal: Since safety of our students is the #1 priority, the same procedure will be followed as for last school year. Parents will pick up their child/children in the back of the school by car or in person, allowing for a safe and direct connection with parents/guardians.

November 2, 2021 TAS Bond Proposal on Ballot

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, T.A.S. will have a bond proposal on the ballot for facility upgrades. The bond will address security concerns, replace leaking and well beyond useful life roofs, renovate former Middle School into 7-12 building, provide a separate, secure entrace for public library, provide public restrooms in library and update needed electrical and energy efficient LED's.

Please see for more information or contact Stacy Price at 293-3201 or

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School Pictures

If you received school pictures on August 19, you should be or already have received an email from Lake Shore Photography. If you have not please contact building secretaries.

Wednesday, September 22, Lake Shore will be back at the school for school pictures. Please remember this is a new company this year. The process is different than in the past. All students need picture taken for school records, whether or not a purchase is made.


If you were not able to make registration, please make sure that you get your child's information up to date in PowerSchool. There are forms that need yearly sign off from parents. Please contact building secretaries to get your parent log in information if you have misplaced it. K-6 number is 293-3226 ext. 1112. 7-12 number is 293-3226 ext. 1116.

Communication Flyer

T.A.S. has created a sheet to assist parents and guardians on how communication from the school will be coming to you and also how and who you should reach out to when you have a question or concern. Please read over the Parent Communication Flyer. If you have any questions please reach out to your child's teacher, building secretaries or building principals.

This document my need to be revised if we find it necessary. Comments are welcome as we work to better communicate with parents and guardians and assist them in communicating with the school.

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Fall sports are in full swing. Please see the schedules here.

Join in the activities and cheer on our Newberry Indians! Cross Country, Volleyball and Football all great sports enjoy this fall.


The district moved to a new app last spring. If you haven't gotten the app, do so now. This app is more user friendly and is connected to the web page for consistant information sharing. Please see below on how to get the app. Web page address is

This app is for anyone who wants to know what is going on at TAS.

Quick video about app:

Download the app on Android: iPhone:


Please contact the central office at 293-3226 if you have any questions. Building secretarties are:

Haley Stark K-6 - 293-3226 ext. 1112

Deb Canfield 7-12 - 293-3226 ext. 1116

Newberry Bond Video

Video outlines need and parts of the bond.