The story of Pompeii.

What happend & when did it occur?

On August 24 79AD mount Vesuvius blew its top and rained lava on the city of pompeii.

Who was involved?

The inhabitants of the neighboring Roman resort cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae.

What was the town like before the volcano?

They lived by the sun. Most of pompaii was espesillay decoter to venus, goddness of love.They had no electric. most people were poor or not very wealthy.

The volcano.

Mount, vesuvius is best described like a pine tree that rose into the sky.

What technology did they have?

They poured plaster into the hollows left in the soil by the bodies, then they kept digging and the plaster statues came out.

when and by whom did pompeii get discoverd?

Pompeii was first discoverd in the late 16th century by the architect domenico fantana.
Pompeii Destroyed by Mount Vesuvius