Our Reading Newsletter

January 2017

Welcome to Reading Improvement!

If you are receiving this newsletter, your child will be joining one of our Reading Improvement classrooms second semester. Additionally, your child should be bringing home a letter from us regarding this placement in their backpack. Classes will begin on Monday, January 23rd This is great news, as it will be our goal to help all students work to their fullest potential as readers and grow in their love of literacy! Please check with your child, and they can let you know which reading teacher they will be working with, in case you have a need to contact us individually.

Some of you may notice that your child may be working with a new reading teacher during second semester. At times, this is a necessary part of our instruction, as we are guided by assessment results. Once mid-year assessments were given, we regrouped all students. It was then important for us to move some of our students to new groups in order to provide the best instruction for all students. It is always our goal to instruct our readers at their instructional reading level, as this helps to maximize their growth.

What is Reading Improvement?

We are an intervention/support class that meets on a daily basis to provide additional reading instruction to students who are reading below grade-level. Our instruction is in addition to classroom instruction, as it is our goal to help your child reach grade-level reading proficiency as quickly as possible. During our instructional time, we work on building the basic components of literacy: phonemic awareness, word work (decoding), fluency (overall rate and expression), and comprehension (one's understanding of the text).

Is Homework a Nightly Expectation?

Yes! We will send home reading with your child on a nightly basis. Students in Reading Improvement will bring home a nightly book bag that has a book for rereading. There will also be a reading log that needs a parent signature each night to indicate that reading was completed. Students will earn responsibility points for completing their reading, and they will grow by leaps and bounds as readers. Research clearly shows us that the key to reading success is more reading! Please help partner with us by encouraging the nightly reading of your child's take-home book. Your child will be rewarded richly with reading growth and success!

Questions or Concerns:

As reading teachers, it is our goal to partner with you in your child's literacy development. Please visit our websites located on the Siegrist staff pages to find more information about us, class schedules, and helpful tips. We are also including our email addresses below. Please never hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns. We each look forward to working with your child. Happy Reading!

Mrs. Jamie Klingenberg, klingenj@platteco.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Melanie Duddy, duddym@platteco.k12.mo.us

Mrs. Ann-Marie Basye, basyea@platteco.k12.mo.us

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