We are ARO's #1 Distributor

We can support ARO customers better than anyone!

We work to understand and meet the needs of our customers

  • Check to see if this product is on backorder. If so, is it allocated to another order. If not, look on the istore to gain an expectation of when this will ship.

  • Identifying lead time expectations. When do you need this by? These normally come in on our stock order within 2-3 weeks, does that meet your needs?

  • Understand their needs. Ask: So that I fully understand your needs, how will you be affected if you’re unable to get the shipment within that timeframe?

  • Explain how we can support them. We are ARO’s largest stocking distributor and have many items in stock or on order. We may also be able to build or substitute this for you. If I had something similar that will work for your application, would that be a consideration for you?

If so: Ask the fluid and fluid temperature that is being pumped to check compatibility. If not, note: I typically have success working to expedite models. We look to see if we can build it or get it from the factory sooner. Do you want me to look into expediting options for you?

For 1.5” and smaller: And are you interested in expedited shipping options as well?

  • Confirm our commitment. I can normally find a solution to meet your needs and I’m going to check on this right now for you.

  • Use your resources: If you are unfamiliar identifying ARO solutions, please work with someone who is. Our Technical Support Department, and Inside Sales Team have additional training and will work with Britni if needed for advanced options. Britni is also available to support you directly.

  • Be sensitive to the customer’s feeling about fees. In many cases, they will be okay with them. If you anticipate a customer’s reaction being negative, reach out to your manager or sales rep for guidance.

  • Demonstrate how we’ve worked for them. Thank you for letting us work for you. I’ve checked with the factory and our warehouse and I have a few options for you. I think this option is the best: _________. Will that meet your needs?

  • Provide fast responses: If we don't meet their needs quickly, they will move on to the next supplier.

Know your resources: