Child Labor Laws

By: Virginia Speights

About Child Labor Laws

Child Labor Laws are Laws that control the work that children are permitted to do and the hours they are permitted to work. These Laws were passed in 1934 by the annual Conference on labor legislation .

Child Labor Laws in Georgia, Ohio, Nigeria, and China

Child Labor Laws in Georgia do not permit children the ages of 16 or 17 to work in any job declared to be particularly hazardous. Such as: coal mining, roofing operations, and power driven saws. Also The employment of children under the age of 16 is generally


Child Labor laws in Ohio a child employment certificate is Required by state law for kids under age 16; and is required for kids ages 16 and 17 during school.

In Nigeria There are no Child labor laws, all children are expected to work once they are able to walk and are at some strength.

The minimum age for working in China is 16. Before The PRC Labor Law was passed in 1994, the State Council issued The Provisions on the Prohibition of Using Child Labor to prohibit child labor in 1991.