I Am THAT Taylor!!

Get your facts first then you can distort them as you please

Who Am I

-Rely on myself more than others

-Future science teacher/baker/author

-Usually learn better without groups

-Totally in love with The Beatles

-Trust my judgement before I trust others

-Keep to myself most days

-My name is an understatement

-Enjoy working with books and children

I keep these things in mind when I am looking for a career so that I know what I should look for so that I enjoy the job that select for myself

Where Am I Going


Job Description: Devlop a student friendly enviornment and lesson plans for all ages to grow and learn in education.

Media Salary (annually): 51,960 dollars a year

Job Outlook: About 17% (Which is average)

Cluster: Education and Training

Work Schedule: Usually when students are presents and use nights and weekends to grade papers and work on lesson plans

Work Enviroment: Working with students and teachers in public and private schools

Interesting Fact: Prepare students for the challenging courses that they will take in high school

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How Do I Get There

Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma

I chose this college because my parents went to this college and it is not far from home. My parents lived there and I would one day enjoy living there as well.

I need at least a Bachelor's Degree to enjoy the job that desire

Cost per hour: $297.90 per hour

Scholarships: First-time Freashman and College Transfer Students