Road away from Rehabilitation

Start a new life. (By Rebekah)

About the organization.

They focus on helping people who suffer from drug addiction. And this place has highly experienced staffs who will help you along the way of your way of defeating drug addiction and alcohol dependency. They also focus on helping individuals along with their family to the foundation of cause to live a happy stress free life from the addiction.

Types of illnesses they treat.

  1. Alcohol Dependency.
They have you talk about how you started drinking or what age you started then soon they have you go through detox to cleanse your body from all that stress you had with the addiction. Then they have you confront your family about why you started and then they allow you to work together.

2. Drug Addiction.

As the same thing as alcohol dependency they have you go through a week of detox and soon they have you confess why you did drugs in the first place along with you going through therapy for only a couple of months when you and they feel as if you completely healed.

Intervention Association.

Helping individuals recover from a long drug/alcohol addiction so that they can live along healthy life along with preparing them to maximize their full potential throughout their recovery.

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The 3 Stages of Rehab Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers (How it Works)