Bio Medical Technician

By: Brayden and Matt

Bio Medical Overview

BIo Medical technicians specialize in the field of medical engineering. Biomedical technicians, sometimes also called biomedical equipment specialists, are responsible for maintaining and repairing medical equipment. Biomedical technicians can work in hospitals or private practices or for medical manufacturing companies or even the military, and they are an integral part of any medical facility. Typical duties for a biomedical technician can range from repairing an X-ray machine to adjusting the settings of cardiac diagnostics machinery in order to help pick up heart problems faster.

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Job Duties

To be a bio medical technician must be well aware of their surroundings to complete on job duties. Duties include repairing, install, maintain, calibrate,and inspect, medical equipment, including life support equipment.

perform preventive maintenance and electrical safety testing of clinical equipment, devices, and systems. plus you have to diagnose and correct system and equipment malfunctions. Additionally you have to maintain documentation on new equipment, inspections, and equipment repairs and failures. plus you have to assist with evaluate third party repairs. you have to provide technical assistance and instruction to personnel regarding equipment operation and maintenance. plus, provide mentoring to other bio medical technicians. finally you may have to assist senior biomedical engineering technicians or supervisor with in service educational programs on use of equipment.

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Job Requirements

To perform this job successfully, and individual must be able to perform each essential duty and responsibility satisfactorily. Biomedical engineers typically need a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from an accredited program to enter the occupation. Alternatively, they can get a bachelor’s degree in a different field of engineering and then either get a graduate degree in biomedical engineering or get on-the-job training in biomedical engineering. Additionally, BMT's must all have analytical skills, communication skills, listening skills, math skills, and problem solving skills. These skills with help a BMT excel in the field.

Company: Putnam Hospital Center

Health Quest is the Hudson Valley’s largest integrated family of hospitals and health care providers, delivering the highest quality care across a variety of service lines, including Cancer Care, Cardiac Care, Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Women’s and Children’s Services and Surgical Services.

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