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~May 1, 2015~


  • Monday, May 4- Begin our Scholastic Book Fair
  • Monday, May 4- PTA Board Meeting
  • Monday, May 4- EOC Test Meeting @ 2:45 (Linton's Rm)
  • Tuesday, May 5- PLC Book Clubs- 8AM
  • Tuesday, May 5- Begin EOC Testing- 8th grade only
  • Wednesday, May 6 - EOC Testing- 8th grade only
  • Thursday, May 7- EOC Testing- 8th grade only
  • Thursday, May 7- Rising 6th grade visit-Craig and Gwin Oaks ES
  • Thursday, May 7- Curriculum PLC - 90 Min.
  • Friday, May 8- EOC Testing- 8th grade only
  • Friday, May 8- Rising 6th Grade visit-Brookwood and Head ES
  • Friday- May 8- Robotics Field Trip- Fern Bank
  • Friday, May 8- Advisement/ Book Clubs
  • Friday, May 8- Goodman Team Meeting
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  • Georgia Milestones testing is DONE! Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this week go smoothly as we wrapped up our very first administration! Thank you to our awesome testing team for helping to pick up tests and monitor classrooms. We also had several teachers who stepped in to assist in testing when teachers were out. THANK YOU!
  • This week's required Fire Drill and Soft Lock down went perfectly! Thank you everyone for always following procedure and notifying us with any issues that arise!
  • Congratulations to Jeni Greene who received the Brookwood Cluster Schools Foundation grant for $3500 towards the purchase of 20 iPad minis for the school's recently renovated STEAM lab. Teachers will be able to use these iPads exclusively in our STEAM lab to help enrich our initiative of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math into our curricula through applications and programs such as coding. We are so excited!
  • The Brookwood Art Show was a GREAT success. Thank you to Sarah Erickson who helped 36 students display their art work in the show. Five Forks was well represented with 40 pieces of work.
  • The 6th grade Orchestra Concert was wonderful! It's amazing how far our sixth graders have come this year!
  • We had a fantastic turnout this morning at our Volunteer Breakfast! It was an opportunity for us to recognize the importance of their work in our building for the good of our students and our staff. We are so blessed to have these wonderful people (including those who could not attend...) take such an interest in our school.


Whitney goes above and beyond to make sure her students are engaged and learning at high level. She builds positive connections with her students and ensures they feel important and cared for every day. You can walk in Whitney's room and instantly see the respect she has for her students and the reciprocated respect they have for her. Whitney's constant positive outlook provides support and encouragement for her colleagues. She is always looking for ways to help those around her and build others up!



11-- Liz Sewell

12-- Steven Abbott

13-- Lisa McCreary

26-- Allyson Jones

28-- Onika St. James

29-- Rachel Mickle

30-- Sarah Erickson


“Top 20 principles allow us, not only to develop better athletes, but ultimately to build better character and a better team. Our young athletes recognize how their own Star Qualities feed into a larger common goal.”
—Drew, Coach


Each week we will highlight awesome lessons and activities around our school. Let us know if you are doing something you want highlighted!


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Rigor: It’s all the rage, but what does it mean?

Remember the three Rs – reading, writing and ’rithmetic? Get ready to add a fourth: rigor. It’s the buzzword in education.



Teachers- Please be sure to enter your grades in a timely manner! It is also very important that you are entering the correct number of grades per category and that you have your Max Value set to 100 and your Scale set to 1!!! If you need assistance with your gradebook, or have a grading question, please see Jeni Greene.


Popplet (Web or iOS app) allows students and teachers to create mind maps in a unique, fun, and engaging way! Students can collaborate on projects, or teachers can brainstorm with students about any topic with this great mind-mapping tool. It even has the ability to insert images and could be used as a vocabulary-building activity as well.

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Life Hack #2016- When reviewing something you have written, change the font to a font that you don't like. You will read it more critically.


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