Foundation 1 News

Friday 15 th November

People who help us

This Week

  • Learning all about doctors and nurses and how they help us.
  • Learning how to bandage each other.
  • Pretending to be a paramedic and making sure everyone gets immediate treatment and escorted into the ambulance! Teachers included!!!
  • A poorly Number Fairy bringing the number 4.
  • Practicing our cutting skills when making a doctors bag.
  • Learning how to sew when making our own finger puppets.
  • Having a visit from nurse Helen and seeing how the school nurse helps us.
  • Having a visit from a REAL doctor. Our thanks to Rosato for coming to teach us all about being a doctor and caring for people.

It was great to see you all at parent consultations and to have the opportunity to celebrate your child's achievements.

    Next Week

    • Looking at people in school who help usand the jobs they do. ( originally planned for this week )
    • Visiting different people around the school and asking them questions.
    • Using the digital cameras to take photos of how people help us.
    • Number fairy and the number 5.

    You can help us by.......

    • Continuing to support your child in being independent in the morning and be proud of their achievements so far.