Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 3/26/18

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can make inferences and draw conclusions about the author's purpose and provide text evidence.

Writing: We can revise and edit our writing.

Social Studies: We can analyze the causes, major events, and effects of the Texas Revolution

Math: We can apply knowledge of right angles to identify acute, right, and obtuse triangles. We can identify lines, rays, and angles.

Personal Financial Literacy: We can distinguish between fixed and variable expenses.

The Talent Show is Coming

Save the date for the River Place Elementary Talent Show - April 25th.

Talent Show Tryouts will be held March 28th from 3-6pm. If needed, the second tryout date will be March 29th.

Spelling List for the week

pattern, walked, main, someone, hundred, middle, explain, surprise, sandwich, instead, although, athlete, orchard, sculptor, exclaim

Bonus Words: strategies, retrospect, translate, transcribe, interpersonal

Grading Policy Update

Students who receive a grade between 70 - 79 (on assignments that don't require school resources) are able to make corrections on the assignment at home and return the assignment for up to an 80. Corrections should be made in pen and original answers should not be erased.

Important Dates

3/28 Talent Show Tryouts 3-6 pm

3/30 No School

Second Step

Making a Plan

Some solutions to problems are complicated and need a plan. Plans help you break down a big task into smaller, more manageable parts.

Students will be able to:

Explain the purpose of making a plan

Create a three-step plan to carry out a solution to a problem

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