by James Edwards 1B

Main agricultural products

  • Vanilla
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Cloves
  • Fish

Native customs and beliefs

For ceremonial meals and special occasions, extra meat is added to stews. Depending on a family's financial ability, traditional ceremonies such as burials, reburials, circumcision, tomb building, first hair cutting, and the coming out of the house of a newborn often involve the sacrifice of at least one zebu, a local breed of hump-back cow. Many families will serve one of several local alcoholic beverages such as palm wine, grain alcohol, rum, or beer

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Holiday celebrations

  • Martyrs' Day (Commemoration of the 1947 Rebellion) - March 29th, a public holiday held throughout the country, remembering the many thousands who lost their lives during the Revolt of 1947 (Malagasy Uprising), a rebellion against the French colonial rule
  • Santabary - late April / early May, an annual celebration of the first rice harvest. Each year, the Santabary features plenty of opportunity for eating and drinking, as well as a number of local customs and traditions
  • Assumption Day (Feast of the Assumption) - August 15th, celebrated as a public holiday throughout the nation, with various religious gatherings on this day, remembering when the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven
  • And many more! Do your own research you will appreciate the info more.

Native Dishes

Romazava- the national dish prepared from beef and anamamy greens.
Koba akondro-A steamed sweet dish prepared by mashing bananas with ground peanuts and honey.
Coco crevettes -Savory shrimp in coconut sauce.

Mosakiki, Zebu Skewers with Mango and Rice

Mofo-anana- deep fried bread with greens and or tomatos