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Johnson County School Districts Prepare for COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout for Staff

The availability of COVID-19 vaccines for district staff is a big step forward toward in-person learning for all students. We want you to have the latest information available to us. The Johnson County school districts have collaborated to share the information below with employees and families:

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly announced on Wednesday, January 20 that Kansas has officially shifted to Phase 2 of its COVID-19 vaccination plan. The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) will include K-12 employees in Tier 1 of Phase 2.

The state has authorized each county, through local health departments, to decide how the limited supply of vaccine doses will be allocated. JCDHE is coordinating with Children’s Mercy Hospital to administer vaccines to K-12 school staff at centralized clinics in the county. Plans are under development to launch vaccination clinics in early February.

As the county prepares to implement Phase 2, it is important to remember that due to the number of health care workers in our communities, Johnson County is still working to complete Phase 1. Once Phase 1 is finalized, the ability to vaccinate individuals in Phase 2 will depend upon the number of doses the state receives from the federal government. In addition to the large number of health care workers still needing to be vaccinated, there are nearly 25,000 K-12 public and private school educators in the county. The current limited supply of vaccine doses will prolong the time necessary to vaccinate all school employees.

While there are many details yet to be finalized, we are pleased to finally arrive at this critical point in the fight against COVID-19. We will continue to work in conjunction with Children’s Mercy and JCDHE and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

Listen, learn and share thoughts about district’s 2021-22 budget

Blue Valley’s mission has never been more important as we navigate this ever-changing world amid a global pandemic, while prioritizing what matters most: our students. The 2020 school year brought many challenges and opportunities with COVID-19, and looking ahead, we know that the 2021-22 school year will not be without its own set of challenges.

Next year, our district will face a nearly $4 million budget deficit, which accounts for approximately 2 percent of our overall budget. This semester the district has been working on a plan to reduce our budget. To date, the district has hosted more than 25 Listen and Learn sessions with our staff and board advisory committees, with additional sessions planned, to gather feedback about what they value most and want to see protected, as well as their ideas on ways we can reduce operating budget expenditures.

Community ThoughtExchange

We value the input of those who are deeply involved and committed to our mission—our community. Help us listen to and learn from you:

Your thoughts and ratings will help us understand what our community values most and areas that we could consider for reductions as 2021-22 budget recommendations are developed. For more information about the 2021-22 budget, visit www.bluevalleyk12.org/budget.

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Apply to join our BV support team and make a difference in your community

Across the country, school districts are experiencing difficulties staffing several of the most critical school support roles. If this school year has shown us anything, it is that together, anything is possible. With that in mind, we are asking you to join us in the classroom, in the lunchroom and in our schools to help us provide the best in-person learning experience for our students. Blue Valley is seeking applications for the following support roles within our district:

  • Substitute teachers (60 hours college credit required to apply)

  • Paraeducators

  • Custodians

  • Food Service workers

If you are looking to make a positive impact in your community and in the lives of our children, we encourage you to apply for one of these support opportunities in the district, or share this information with someone you think would be a good fit to join our team. For more information and to apply for school-level openings, visit the Blue Valley employment website.

Get to Know Blue Valley's Legislative Priorities

The Kansas Legislature is officially in session. As the 2021 legislative session gets underway, we invite you to familiarize yourself with Blue Valley’s 2021 Legislative Positions. It is the district’s priority to support legislation that is beneficial to Blue Valley students. This year, the district is emphasizing efforts around the following Priority Level Positions:

  • Fund Special Education at Statutory Amounts and Expand Definition of At-Risk
    The current school finance system should be modified to achieve the following: a) fund the excess cost of special education to the 92 percent statutory limit; and b) broaden the definition of at-risk to include not only poverty factors, but other indicators such as ELL, student academic performance data, attendance data and homelessness.

  • Enhance Student Mental Health
    The Blue Valley School District urges expanded support for community-based behavioral and mental health initiatives. Further, the Blue Valley School District supports measures aimed at eliminating the possession, distribution and use of vaping products among school-aged students.

  • Eliminate Tax Credits and Vouchers for Private Schools
    Opposes public funding of private schools, including offering public tax credits that decrease state revenue, that do not comply with the same standards and requirements of public-school districts, including governance by an elected local school board.

For more information regarding the latest legislative discussions taking place in Topeka, contact information for Johnson County Legislators, as well as the district’s full list of 2021 Legislative Positions, visit www.bluevalleyk12.org/legislative.