Max Planck

By Keane Pakdimounivong

Personal Life

Born and raised in Kiel Germany on April 23rd 1858.

Died at Gottingen on October 4th, 1947.

Had 5 kids, 3 died young leaving him with 2 sons.


Received his doctorate of philosophy at Munich in 1879.

Became the Privatdozent in Munich from 1880 to 1885, then The associate Professor at Kiel until 1889.

Then he remained the Professor at Berlin University until he retired in 1926.

Major Impact

The most important discovery that Planck made was The Planck's Constant, he deduced the relationship between energy and frequency. His discovery not only effected his studies, but it also answered many questions in past studies. If he hadn't made this discovery then we wouldn't be able to use frequency the way we do today.
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Fun Facts!