The Writer in Me

Amanda Bennett

My Writing Philosophy

Write for yourself and to get information out. Writing for yourself will make you happy, even if no one else likes it. Write to inform because then you still have potential to attract an audience even while writing for yourself.

Future Plans as a Writer

I plan to continue writing and maybe one day publish a book. I enjoy writing, but i have a difficult time sticking with one story and finishing it. I've gotten better, but i still have yet to finish anything to my satisfaction. I have lots of story ideas that I'd like to try to actually get written down properly, but it will take time. I intend to continue writing stories in my spare time, but i don't think I want to try to become a famous writer.

Writing Style

My writing style tends to be dark and/or ethereal. Love is a major part of my writing, romance is often the driving force in my writing. Love stories are my expertise. I like to think that I have two personalities to my writing. The Angel and the Demon. I often have elements of both in my writing, but one usually takes precedence over the other.

I also like to incorporate art and music into my writing. I enjoy making covers to my stories, or sometimes even make a full visual representation of a story. I also like to pick out songs that I think match my story in sense of feel and lyrics. Thus I always listen to music while writing, usually something that matches the mood of the story.


The Angel personality in my writing is where the ethereal quality in my writing comes from. It sees beauty in all things, recognizes the wonderfulness of the world. Inspiring and encouraging words and advice come from the Angel personality.


Divine Sign

I’m so glad we are together now

I hope this fate will allow

I’m content to stay by your side

There’s no more reason to hide.

I’m forever yours and you are forever mine.

We don’t need a divine sign.

All pain and terror is no longer there,

Now that I know you care.

When I’m with you everything is right,

So I will protect us with all my might.

Our Love

Though we may be apart

You are always in my heart

This is a new start

Our love isn't tart

Dazzling world

I sing and dance

Creating my own dazzling world.

It is my escape

From the grim reality.


Ayaka opened the door to the classroom slowly, nervous for the first committee meeting. She didn't know either of the other girls too well. Miyako was always cold to others, but she was also exceptionally intelligent Ayaka liked her, but was too nervous to ever talk to the other girl. Aki was forever cheerful and energetic, really popular among the other students. Ayaka liked that Aki always had such a good attitude, but sometimes her perpetual pep annoyed Ayaka, like really, no one should be that happy in the morning.

“Hi, Ayaka! You’re finally here!” Aki said with a smile.

Ayaka smiled shyly, “yeah, sorry for being late, I was helping the English teacher with some things.”

Miyako stood and walked to the front of the room, “Now that we’re all here let’s get started, yes?”

“Absolutely! Now, I don’t think we know each other very well and I personally think knowing the people you work with is very important. So let’s start by sharing a little bit about ourselves. I’ll go first if you’d like.”

“Please do, Ms. Sakura. I shall go last.” Miyako said decisively.

“Well first off, please call me by my first name, both of you,” Aki smiled warmly at the other two girls, “and I’ll call you by yours, if that’s alright with the both of you?”

“I don’t mind, Aki.”

Miyako thought for a moment, “well alright, if that’s what you want. Aki it is.”

Aki giggled, “Good, We’re going to be good friends, Miyako, Ayaka. Now, on to my introduction. I love flowers and gardening, I really love nature in general. I love music, art, and poetry. I love to talk to people, to learn about them, they are so fascinating. I live with my mom, dad, and older brother. Well, that’s me in a nutshell. Your turn Ayaka.”

Ethereal Reality

The world I stepped into was everything I had ever dreamed of. The pale purple sun shining on everything casting it all in an ethereal glow of purple. Most of the trees skeletal and creepy, with very few leaves if any at all. Other trees huge willows that when you stepped underneath their hanging branches you felt like you had been transported yet again into a different world. The lush grass a glossy black, and in the purple sunlight the grass shown purple. The small pond a deep dark red, the color of blood. Blue, silver, gold, red, black, purple, metallic, any color imaginable was showcased on the flowers, roses in particular. The world I had stepped into was so wondrous, so magnificent I stood in complete awe as happy tears slid down my face. This world was everything I had ever dreamed of, literally. In that moment I knew I belonged here, in this magnificent place I had been dreaming of forever. My awe of this world was not yet over.

I saw a light that seemed to be coming from behind me. It kept shifting color, first purple, then blue, then red, then silver, then gold. I turned around wondering where it could be coming from. Was someone behind me? Nothing was behind me, and again I saw the shifting light emanating from behind me. I turned around again. Nothing. Then I felt something brush my back. I whipped around again, nothing. Then I felt something fluttering at my back. Finally I just slightly turned my head. What I saw excited me more than anything I had ever seen. I finally had what I had always wanted ever since I was a child back on earth. Wings, they were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. Although they kept shifting color, shape and size. From white angel wings to black angel wings, from angel to faerie wings, swirling faerie wings. Sharp faerie wings, typical butterfly faerie wings. Each with their own color or ethereal glow, some had multiple colors, some were sparkly some were not. Either way my wings were constantly shifting.


The demon personality to my writing is where the dark parts come from. This personality is very depressing and often morbid, thinks the worst of everything.


The Flower Dies

She screams into the dark

A lost child with no mark

There is no ark

No longer wanting to be accused

She just feels confused

While everyone else looks amused

She cries,

No more lies

The flower dies.

Who Are We?

Who are you?

Who am I?

You are me?

I am you?

Who are we?

You don’t know?

Me neither.

Maybe we are no one.

Maybe we are someone.

Maybe we are someone special.

I don’t think we are though.

Maybe we don’t even really exist.

Screaming Girl

The girl huddles in a corner, chilled to the bone. She can’t seem to become warm no matter the temperature of the room. Everything feels desolate and cold to her. She wishes for him to come save her. But she is unsure if he will. However, deep down she knows he will eventually, it may take a while, but he will. Always.

One part of her wants to stay in the corner and fall asleep, to dream for eternity. She wants to give up. The stress is too much to handle, and it’s getting worse. Her emotions overwhelm her near constantly. One wrong move and she’s in tears.

The screaming girl in her head comes back to life and wails in her head. The girl sees the screaming girl in her head. The screaming girl is in pitch blackness with one very dim spotlight on her. She’s kneeling on the floor, sometimes hunched over herself, others she throws her head back and screeches, tears flowing down her face. The screaming girl is always crying and screaming.

If the girl is able she becomes the screaming girl because she is the screaming girl. The screaming girl is the girl’s tortured soul, always suffering.

She knows she should get herself together, deal with her inner demons, and get rid of the screaming girl. But the harder she tries the more lost she feels. She feels like she’s spinning in circles, turning every which way, not knowing where to go. This causes her more stress, causes the screaming girl to come back again. For this reason the girl wants to give up on everything.

Walk With Death

It was a cloudy fall day in London and I stood in the park by the bay, my favorite place. There was a clearing hidden among the trees that I loved to go to be alone, which is exactly what I wanted. It was dead silent in the park. I thought it fitting for the situation, as I was contemplating joining the dead. I could no longer remember why I started to lose the desire to live. I had repressed the memories deep down into the depths of my soul. All I knew is that I didn’t want to live anymore. It was all just too much. Today day was the last straw. I just didn’t have the will to do much of anything, not even put a smile on my face. Let alone get up on a regular basis to go to work. I had worked in almost every place I could in the town. I had nothing left to live for. No job, no friends, no family, no love. Not anymore.

Tears slid down my face. Why did it have to be this way? I shook my head, clearing it and made my decision. I would leave the living after I had put what was left of my broken soul into my one talent. I would sing one last song for the world of the living, one filled with all my sorrow and pain. Then I would leave the living to sing my song of sorrows for eternity in the land of the dead. I opened my mouth, closed my eyes, and began to sing.

Walk with Death