Hemispheric Dominance


You responded as a right brained person to 8 questions, and you responded as a left brained person to 11 questions. According to the Hemispheric Dominance test, you use the left side or your brain the most. Some of the traits associated with the left side of the brain are listed in the table. Not all of the traits will apply to you. Remember, we use both sides of our brain, but your left side gets the most exercise.

Which Side Are You On?

    • Linear
    Processing information from part to whole in a straight forward logical progression.

    • Sequential
    Processing information in order from first to last.

    • Symbolic
    Processes symbols an pictures; likes to use letters, words and mathematical symbols.

    • Logical
    Processes information piece by piece using logic to solve a problem.

    • Verbal
    Processes thoughts and ideas with words.

    • Reality-Based
    Processes information based on reality; focuses on rules and regulations