The Milestones of a Child's Life

What to Expect When You Already Have Expected

Milestone One: Two Months

During this first milestone, babies should be able to: smile and coo, look at their parents, react to noises, follow objects with their eyes, and push up when on their stomach. In the image provided, the baby is recorded to begin "talking," moving its head around, and smiling all the time.

Milestone Five: Twelve Months

During this fifth milestone, babies should be able: have temper tantrums, pretend to play, have an increased vocabulary, and scribble. In the photo, the baby is playing with some blocks, demonstrating its development.

Milestone Nine: Four Years

During this ninth milestone, children should be able to: dress and undress themselves, talk about likes and dislikes, name colors and numbers, tell stories, catch a bounced ball, and hop on one foot. The photo provided shows a child hopping around, portraying the ninth milestone.
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