By James Clark

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Jesus' miracles

It all started when he started to say that he was the son of god. I would believe because he performed many miracles. Once he made a guy who could not walk, and was paralyzed since he was born, able to walk. Once people heard about it only some people believed him. Feeding the 5000 – Matthew 14:14-21; Mark 6:33-44; John 6:1-14

A large group of people followed Jesus into the mountains. Jesus taught them all day. When the sun started to set, the disciples realized that the people had not eaten and could not easily return to the city to get food. Jesus asked Philip where they could buy food. Philip said that even if they had a store to buy food from, they did not have enough money for all the people. But Jesus already knew what He was going to do.

Jesus then asked if anyone had food that they could share. Another disciple, Andrew, brought a boy’s lunch to Jesus. It had five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus took the bread and fish and prayed over them. He then gave the food to his disciples who started passing it out to the people.

Amazingly, as they handed out the food they still had more left. They continued to give out the food until all the people had eaten all they wanted. When they gathered the unused food back together they had 12 baskets of bread left!

He also made two blind men see, and then peter was on a boat fishing with another guy and they have not caught anything at all and the have been out there for a long time then Jesus told them to put the net on the left side of the boat then the net was full of fish! Today, Christianity is the most widespread of the worlds major faith.

Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity is Easter. It celebrates the Resurrection of

Jesus. Prior to Easter, many Christians observe a season known as Lent. Lent marks the 40 days

that Jesus spent in the wilderness before he began to preach. During that time, Jesus fasted, or

went without food. In the past, Christians observed Lent by giving up favorite foods, such as

sugar or meat. Today, during Lent, many Christians choose to give up other things they enjoy.

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