HIV & Aids in Africa

Gabi Bruner

What are HIV & Aids?

HIV stands for: human immune deficiency syndrome

Aids stands for: acquired immune deficiency syndrome

There are many ways to be infected, such as doing any of the following with an infected person: sexual contact, sharing needles, transfusions of blood, or if the mother is infected.

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Some Statistics about HIV/Aids in Africa

  • Out of the 34 million people in the world that have HIV, about 70% are from Africa
  • 91% of the children 15 years and under that have HIV are from Africa
  • More than 1 million adults and children die every year from HIV/Aids
  • Less than 10% of kids in need of treatment in Africa are receiving treatment
  • Around 6,800 new HIV infections occur daily worldwide
  • The prevalance (commoness) of HIV and Aids is highest in Southern Africa, as you can see from the map below
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