Friday Flash


Calendar Of Events

September 4- No School/Holiday

September 11- Fundraiser is due

September 21-Leadership Breakfast

September 25-29-Book Fair

September 29- Birthday Friday/$1 Jeans Day

From The Principal


It has been another amazing week at LSCH. I continue to be thankful for our loving students and staff and the great things they do.

We have now opened lunch to our parents. Please feel free to have lunch with your student anytime, but please keep these things in mind:

  • You and your student may move to the parent table, but no other students may join.
  • Due to allergies and other dietary needs, we ask you not to share food with students that are not your child.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your Labor Day!

Parents as Partners

If you would like to sign up for Parents as Partners or Watch Dogs please scan the QR code below.
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Counselor's Connection

Appreciating Diversity!

Parents, each of our students are unique and different in many ways. It is important that we learn to appreciate our own cultures and respect others’ cultures as well. Some helpful hints to appreciate diversity are:

- Help your students to define uniqueness.

- Discuss with them how all people are unique and different in many ways.

- Remind them that it’s important to get along with others even when they are different from you.

From the Nurse

How to help friends with life-threatening allergies:

  1. Learn which allergens they need to avoid and help them be on the lookout
  2. Don't share food. Please do not share any food during lunch, even a small bite of a cookie or candy can cause someone to have an allergic emergency.
  3. Get help fast. If your friend eats/comes into contact with something they are allergic to tell your teacher, school nurse, or an adult right away.

Parents: if you received a Food Allergy Action Plan please complete the form and return it with the ordered medications (Epi Pen/Antihistamine) at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions please contact Nurse Thorpe.

Thank you!