PLD Technology Sessions

Instructional technology at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School

Upcoming session on Plickers

Come learn how to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and paper to quickly check for student understanding. Plickers are cheap and easy to use and the require no batteries!

The session will be ___day, May __ at 4:00 PM in the tech office.

Learn how to use Zaption!

Zaption makes online video interactive and engaging for students. Learn how to add questions, images, and text to online videos to create interactive lessons. Get feedback on personal responses from students, and measure understanding.

This session will be ___day, May __ at 4:00 in the tech office.

For 30 extra minutes of PD credit, gather these resources before coming:
  • a video from youtube or vimeo to use with your students
  • questions and images to go along with the video