By: Larissa Lunsford

What is the size of the country's area?

It's about 195,364 sq miles

What is the population of the country?

The population is 47 million

How well educated and united is it's population?

About 5 million have gone to school

How large and well equipped are it's armed forces?

There are three branches of armed forces for Spain

Army, Navy, Air Force

And with all them combined about 116,100 citizens are in the three branches

What are the country's physical features?

Majority of Spain is surrounded by water; along the border of France is where the Pyrenees mountains are located; and there are many coastal plains

How productive is the country's economy?

In the 90's Spain had a global recession and had to recover from it

4,890,7928 people are currently unemployed

Some of their main industry partners are: Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom