Where is it practiced?

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No particular founder or orgin

Basic practices

  • Puja: Making offerings to the deity and decorating deity images
  • Darsan: Non idol worship, so this is "seeing" the deity
  • Prasad: taking the divine within your own being through eating food shared with the deity

Hindu is mainly practiced at home

Sacred Texts

  • Shruti (“heard”) – oldest, most authoritative:
  • · Four Vedas (“truth”) – myths, rituals, chants·
  • Upanishads - metaphysical speculation
  • Smriti (“remembered”) – the Great Indian Epics:
  • Ramayana
  • Mahabharata (includes Bhagavad-Gita)

Instead of the world being created once, Hindus believe that the world is constantly created time and time again by their most supreme god Brahma (pictured to the right)

Aum (symbol)

no holidays

What do Hindus believe about?

  • Sin is apart of everyday human life
  • Heaven is a normal part .
  • Heaven is where one pays for bad deeds
  • Greed is acceptable, but happiness is not brought to those with money unless they share it with ones that don't have money
  • Moksha or ending your cycle of constant rebirth and entering a state of "completeness"
  • Hindus believe that when two souls come together for marriage it is because their Karmas are intertwined.
  • Ahimsa or non-violence is the belief that it is wrong to kill living beings and also embryos. All life is sacred.
What Is The History of Hinduism?