100 Mile Challengers

Help promote and support the value of physical activity!


Happy February Eagles!

Some of you might be wondering where has 100 Mile Challenge gone, or perhaps you've been missing my weekly newsletters. Currently, I am working on my last quarter of my master's program so things have been quite hectic around my neck of the woods and unfortunately, this quarter I have class on Wednesdays so I have not been able to make it on Wednesday afternoon. If there is another day that you might think is a good fit to get together and get in a walk/run in let me know! I am open to suggestions! Otherwise, keep up the great work and continue logging in those miles. Please let me know if you have reached 100 miles yet!

100 Mile Challengers who have reached the BIG 1-0-0!
  • Mrs. Aina
  • Mrs. Newton
  • Ms. Sandino
If you haven't already done so please take the 100 Mile Challenge Questionnaire so that I could get a headcount of how many people are participating! Click the link below.

What do I need?

  • Athletic shoes
  • Athletic wear
  • Water
  • Pedometer, phone, exercise monitor, or buddy with one of these devices to track miles