Merry Techmas!

What's your tech resolution?

1st Annual Hour Of Code was a Great Success!

This year we had almost every student K-12 participate in the international Hour of Code. Hour of code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. No experience is needed and it is suggested for ages 4 to 104! That means you AND your students can learn together in this very unique opportunity.


  • Coding is and will continue to be a high paying and consistently employable job in the future.

  • In the next ten years, 1 MILLION computer science jobs may go unfilled in the U.S. Those jobs will be filled by outsourcing overseas.

  • Programming for mobile devices continues to skyrocket as 10 devices per second are activated. At the present time, Apple alone has sold 800 million mobile devices.

  • The app development economy around Apple only app development is projected to rise 30% over the next few years, twice that of other occupations.

  • 627 thousand jobs have that have been created over the past 10 years are attributable to the mobile device development. This does not included web based development.

  • Coding is fun and promotes an interest in math, science, and technology.

  • Students who have an affinity to coding and the thinking processes around it are frequently some who aren’t your best students

  • Coding develops problem solving and critical thinking skills

Here’s a peek at what we did

This link is where the students went to start coding- check it out, give it a try! Play at home with your families too!

Exit Tickets: Checking for Understanding

Resources from Caroline and Jane! Some great links, check them out!

Free Webtools!!

Tech Integration Matrix:

Looking to get your students moving more in class:

Jane's website has loads of tools! Check it out! or follow her on Pinterest!!

There is the Tech Resources Folder as well!

Mrs. Whitford's Class has a Virtual Field Trip with Students from North Carolina!

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Mrs. Decker Skyping with a Spanish Singer from Argentina