The Contender

By Robert Lipsyte

The Introduction

How Does The Author Create An Opening?

The introduction and opening was not very good because a lot of things started right at the beginning. It was a very fast paced beginning and the characters weren't introduced very well. There are a lot of events that are happening in the first couple pages and it feels rushed. The author talks about different events and a whole bunch of different characters.


s It Effective/Interesting?

The introduction of the book was not very interesting because it was very confusing to the reader and a lot of events started happening right away, which was another factor of why it was very confusing. They did not introduce the character's very well, because when I read the beginning I got all the character's mixed up, and there was so many people at first I could tell who was who.

How Does The Setting Impact The Characters?

How does the setting impact the characters, well the place they are settled in, Harlem, it impacts their personality because where their from they need to be tough to survive which makes them who they are.

What Are The Events That Lead To The Climax?

Some events make up the rising action is that James robbed a store and got caught. Now, James is on probation in jail. Alfred signed up to be a boxer. Now he comes in every other day to practice boxing with other people. Now, Alfred gets up every day to run for a while. He is on a strict diet and only eat healthy food.