Sammy Davis, Jr.

"The Greatest entertainer in the world?"

Bringing joy at a young age.

Sammy Davis Jr born December 8 1925 Started at a very young age of 3 preforming on stage with his father Sammy Davis Sr and Will Mastin as the Will Mastin trio. He was drafted in the military but after words he went back to the Will Mastin trio it wasn't long before he became a overnight sensation. Sadly he lost his left eye in a car accident, wile in the hospital a rabbi talked with him and surprisingly shortly after words he converted to Judaism. But things were not getting better then ether Sammy Davis Jr's career started to slow in the 1960 then soon after he had a hit record the "Candy MAN" and not much longer in 1972 he became a star in Las Vegas.

For better or for worse.

Because Sammy Davis Jr. was a African American during a pre-Civil rights era he was put down with a lot of racism so naturally he was a huge supporter of the Civil rights movement. In 1987 Sammy Davis Jr toured with Liza Minnelli around the world but because Sammy Davis Jr was a heavy smoker he died of throat cancer in 1990 at the age of 65 on may 16th.