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Staff Update 4.8.16


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-Testing Dates

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Important dates:

April 11th - 15th - Book Fair

April 11th - AIMS and OST Testing Season BEGINS!

  • April 11th - 4th Reading I Ohio State Test, Kindergarten AIMSWeb
  • April 12th--3rd Reading I Ohio State Test, Kindergarten AIMSWeb
  • April 13th--4th Reading II Ohio State Test, 1st AIMSWeb
  • April 14th--3rd Reading II Ohio State Test, 1st AIMSWeb
  • April 15th--4th Social Studies I Ohio State Test,1st AIMSWeb
  • April 18th--4th Math I Ohio State Test, 2nd AIMSWeb
  • April 19th--3rd Math 1 Ohio State Test, 4th AIMSWeb
  • April 20th--4th Math II Ohio State Test, 3rd AIMSWeb
  • April 21st--3rd Math II Ohio State Test, AIMSWeb Make -Ups
  • April 22nd--4th Social Studies II Ohio State Test, AIMSWeb Make-ups

April 12th - BWEA Meeting (8:00am)

April 13th - PAC Meeting (7:45am)

April 14th & 15th - Donuts with Dad (7:45-8:15am)

  • Last Name A-M=14th
  • Last Name N-Z=15th
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This week...

Hi All,

Great week. As I observe the classrooms, I appreciate the care that goes into each one regarding personalizing the environment. Many classes are allowing students to take ownership of their learning spaces - whether that be to stand, sit on the floor, etc... Thank you for getting to know your students and learning what works for them. They in turn will give you their best!

A few things:

  • Have you thought about running an Eagle Extension Summer Camp? App is due 4/22, stipend is $330, camp runs week of 6/6 or 6/13. Eagle Extensions Application
  • Please consider nominating a deserving individual for the Golden Eagle Mentor Award
  • Complete THIS FORM to provide feedback about the instructional software currently being utilized
  • SLOs are due next Friday 4/22
  • We are looking for staff members with high school children in Big Walnut to give feedback about our 1:1 implementation at BWHS for 2016-17. If you have a child at BWHS, we would love your feedback! The High School 1:1 Parent Feedback meeting (for BW staff only) will be held twice on May 10th, both at 2:45 and 3:45 in the Central Office conference room. If you plan to attend, please review the 1:1 Handbook beforehand and come to the meeting with your questions and feedback. Thank you in advance for your help!
  • We have had a few incidents last week with restroom wall writings. Please continue to chart when students leave your room and sweep the restrooms when possible.

Finally, as we approach our testing windows, remember-its a marathon, not a sprint - although we wished it were...Take it one day at a time. Found this on a teacher blog...loved it -

"Regardless of how you feel about standardized testing, there’s no denying that teachers and students feel a tremendous amount of pressure to perform. It’s a stressful time for teachers. Which is why it is so incredible that this teacher took the time to step back from the stress and pressure and send her students a clear message: you are more than your test scores."

Have a great week! Sorry for the delay in the newsletter - I was dance mom Friday, Sat, and Sun!


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Clark's Corner

"Something Old":

Leader in Me lessons- If you still need me to come in and teach a lesson on habit 6, synergize, please e-mail me and we will schedule a time.

Brag Tags- The next brag tag lunch will be Friday, April 22nd. Click here to record names of anyone that need a tag.

Perfect Attendance Brag Tags- I will be popping in your rooms sometime next week to hand out perfect attendance brag tags for the third quarter.

"Something New":

Social groups will be canceled for the next two weeks due to testing. I will pull my high priority groups when I can, however I will check with you first, as the times will vary.

AIMSweb- Aims testing will be taking place in the afternoons for the next two weeks. We will be occupying the computer lab, conference room, Badger’s room and Stinnette’s room. We will come directly to your class and grab a few students a time for testing. Please have all MCOMP, MCAP and MAZE assessments graded and turned in by Thursday, April 21st.

Ohio State Tests and AimsWeb- Please click HERE for an updated document of testing dates and times. I will also put a hard copy in your mailbox. Please let me know if you see a conflict, it is a lot of information and testing happening in two weeks.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support and your flexibility with the craziness of testing week.

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Public Forums to discuss GROWTH

The forums will be hosted by the Big Walnut Schools Facilities Planning Committee.


  • Genoa Township Hall - Monday, April 11 @ 6:00
  • Berkshire Township Hall - Thursday, April 14 @ 6:00
  • Big Walnut High School Innovation Center - Monday, April 18 @ 6:00
  • Porter Township Hall - Tuesday, April 26 @ 6:00
  • Harlem Township Hall - Wednesday, April 27 @ 6:00
  • Trenton Township Hall - Monday, May 2 @ 6:00
  • Galena Village Hall - Wednesday, May 4 @ 6:00

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