Tiananmen Square

By: Jack Randle

Before the event

  • Most common people couldn't enter the square
  • Accessible to public after 1911 revolution
  • Hu Yaobang, a respected Chinese communist died on April 15,1989
  • Honored his death at Tiananmen Square
  • Gathering later turned into a protest
  • The protest called for more democracy and an end to government corruption
  • Started after the 40-year cold war ended

Hu Yaobang

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They later decided to start a protest because they didn't like that their government was corrupted and later turned the gathering into a protest and the protest would later attract millions of people would come to join them. This protest would end up starting a massacre in Tiananmen Square by the army so that they could try to gain control.

During the Protest

  • Students started to call for free press, freedom of speech, and government accountability
  • Army Tanks were sent in to break up the protest
  • Army stayed outside Beijing until June 2nd while unarmed
  • Protesters piled vehicles in streets to block advancement
  • Within a week 100,000 people demanded openness and political freedom
  • Students went on for hunger strike to gain more attention
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Aftermath of the Protest

  • Military had fought back into Beijing and crushed the movement, killing hundreds
  • Hundreds to thousands of protesters were killed
  • Had to add extra security at the square
  • Countries put pressure to make changes to human rights policies
  • 10,000 were arrested and some of the people were later executed
  • China refuses to say that it ever happened
  • Concerned that the anniversary will inspire people to protest again

1989 Raw Video: Man vs. Chinese tank Tiananmen square
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