The negative impacts of GMOs

Why you should steer clear of using GMOs

What are the negative impacts of GMOs?

People worry that, unlike traditionally bred crops, GMOs increase the possibility of allergies. Without knowing it, a fish gene could accidentally be put into a plant and negatively affect someone eating the plant that is allergic to the fish gene. Also, there is a possibility that GMOs could cause bacteria to build up a resistance to antibiotics in our guts.

Another worry people have is the impact GMOs will have on small farmers. It is believed that if farmers on big farms keep planting genetically altered crops, small farmers will become indentured to them. Also, the crops might be too pricey to poorer farmers in developing crops.

The environment is one of many things that will be negatively effected. People are saying that "raising GM crops is an uncontrolled experiment with unknown consequences for surrounding ecosystems." Probably the biggest concern about growing GMOs is the impact they will have on surrounding wildlife. The use of pesticides on GMOs could effect the wildlife when they directly consume the plant or when they drink water that has suffered from runoff of these pesticides. Also, people argue that GMOs go against Nature. Messing with the genetic makeup of organisms in unnatural and not seen in nature overnight.

Finally, people are concerned with the fact that biotech farms are not taking into account the possible health, socioeconomic, and environmental hazards seriously enough. Instead they are spending all their time and efforts promoting the benefits of GMOs. Do you really want to invest in something that hasn't thought much about how people's lives will be negatively impacted?

GMOs are bad news. Don't continue influencing this nonsense!